4 ideas for refreshing the living room in spring

4 ideas for refreshing the living room in spring

There is spring outside the window. Everything comes to life. The sun recharges our batteries and motivates us to act. Some of us start running, some enjoy reading books outdoors, and others begin renovating their homes and apartments. And what do we change, exactly, when we renovate our homes? We certainly change walls colour, buy a new sofa, armchair and chairs. We have a lot of opportunities. It all depends on what we plan for spring renovation of the living room.

In this blog entry, that we have written for you, you will find 4 ideas for spring renovation of the living room.

Spring accents - colourful upholstered poufs

The living room is the central point in the house. When we decide to change the arrangement, we have to think about what we care most about. Some of you will paint the wall and buy a new sofa, while others will come up with an idea of introducing real spring accents with colourful poufs. In our offer you will find a lot of upholstered poufs and footstools that will help you change your living room easily and quickly. Colour is the most important aspect here and, for us, it plays the main part. These are our recommendations when it comes to poufs:

Round upholstered poufs - definitely a universal, classic and timeless model. The range of colours available for this model is impressive. It allows you to choose something that can really change the living room and bring in some spring. Nice to the touch fabric and different pouf sizes allow you to use such a piece of furniture in different ways. For instance, you can use it as a comfortable footrest or as an additional place to sit on. 

Ducon Ontario footstool - the perfect accessory for your wingback chair. It will give comfort to our legs and will allow us to ensure the correct posture of the whole body, for example while reading a book. You can buy this upholstered footstool in blue or yellow, among other colour options.

Magnus upholstered pouf - an elegant piece of furniture upholstered with velour fabric. Subtle wooden legs emphasise its style and character. Moreover, fashionable colours give you the chance to choose something that will not only match the design of the living room, but that will also bring to mind a specific season.

Flowers - fresh, cut or potted

We are fans of flowers. We love them and thanks to them every arrangement feels alive, full of joy and good vibrations. Plants mean life and the more we have in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, the better. They are responsible for our good mood and have a positive impact on our eyesight. Make sure you have plenty of plants in your home in spring. Scientists believe that green colour calms people down and helps to reduce stress. There is a lot of truth in this and we recommend that everyone brings nature to their home - not only in the spring.

A yellow sofa

Colourful furniture can bring a lot of joy and unique atmosphere to our homes. We are afraid of colours, but unnecessarily. A mustard sofa looks will look insanely against a white or grey wall. The sunny colour will give the interior a warm feel and spring accent. We offer:

Slender 2-seater sofa in mustard colour - the Scandinavian style is liked by many of you. You choose this model because it is classic and designer at the same time. Elegant legs, fashionable stitching and velour fabric.

Viko yellow 3-seater sofa - soft seat and backrest, as well as nice to touch felt fabric guarantee a beautiful living room, full of sunny colour and very comfortable at the same time.

A wingback chair in dusty pink

An upholstered wingback chair is a must-have piece of furniture in every home and apartment. This comfortable piece of furniture for reading books and relaxing has been available in various upholstery fabrics in our store for quite a while now. We see how much you like them and how much this piece of furniture helps you to create interiors in great style. Blue upholstered armchair, or maybe a dusty pink one? Everything depends on what you want to have in your living room.

Ducon Malmo armchair – it looks insane in dusty pink shade. Pastel tones is definitely something that you should have in your living room this spring.