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The ideal furniture for relaxation is an elegant and comfortable chair, or alternatively - a smart and elegant chaise longue, which can stylishly replace an armchair in the living room or bedroom.

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Items 1-36 of 172


Which armchair is best for the living room?

An armchair is a must-have piece of furniture in every home. It is not only an addition that fills the space and gives the interior a unique character. A chair provides, most importantly, an additional place to rest and relax after a hard day that’s just for you. How do you choose an chair that matches your needs? Firstly, think about the shape and form of the piece of furniture. Make sure you pay careful attention to its dimensions, not just the overall size, but also the height of the seat, the back and the arms, to ensure it is exactly what you will need. For some people, the armchair will be placed in the best position in the living room to give the perfect place for watching tv. Others, will prefer it located in a quiet, cosy corner so a book can be read in peace and quiet.

It is important for the armchair to have a comfortable seat and well-shaped backrest. If you find you need additional support, an extra point to note is the armrests. Do you like to rest your arms or even carefully balance a drink and remote control? Then look for a chair with wide armrests and maybe additional cushions for added relaxation. It is also important when looking at buying any piece of furniture that it is reasonably priced and fits your budget. An armchair is a great way to add interest to a room and liven up your interior without too much investment. It can also be an excellent way to add a contrasting pop of colour to an otherwise dull corner. Another idea, which is very popular in the most on-trend interiors at the moment, is to place a pair of matching chairs together, instead of a sofa. Angled perfectly, with a coffee table in between, they make the ideal place for a conversation with a friend. 

Armchairs update an interior and give a unique focus in a room

It is true that a piece of furniture such as an armchair is not just about comfort. It can also provide a focal point, especially with a unique shape or colour and showcase your personality and style in a room. Whilst the living room is where we traditionally see chairs, the bedroom is a perfect place, especially if you do have the luxury of space. It’s an ideal space to create interest. Choose a design that has aesthetically pleasing proportions, ensuring the dimensions will fit effortlessly in your chosen area. Although it needs to be carefully considered, it should be relatively easy to place one in most arrangements. A comfortable chair is not usually very heavy, so can easily be moved until you find just the right spot. Another area they work well in is a guest room. This room can often be overlooked, but if you ever feel you need somewhere to escape to, what better place than a well-positioned comfortable chair in a barely used room. Alternatively, if you have, or plan to have a baby, a comfortable armchair in a nursery is ideal for soothing a baby at night and makes the ideal place to breastfeed, away from noise and distraction. What special memories and beautiful moments can be made in an chair used for this purpose. Have you thought about an armchair in a hallway or large porch? Not only will it look great, but it is a practical solution for sitting down when putting on footwear or would make a comfortable seat whilst waiting for tardy family members, when you are wanting to leave the house. We receive so many messages with photos of our chairs in different places in your homes and businesses. So, we know the armchair is one of the most practical, functional and beautiful pieces of furniture you can invest in. The difficulty is deciding how many you want and where you want to put them! 

Armchair with Footstool for large and small rooms

Chairs with a matching footrest are very popular for lounge corners, where books and a good movie will reign supreme. A comfortable, slightly reclined backrest provides comfort at the highest level, and the footrest itself also gives comfort to tired legs at the end of a busy day. A lot of interest for these sets come from avid bookworms. What better way to enjoy a good read on a comfortable piece of furniture – the ideal place to allow a moment for yourself with some good literature. They are ideal for a large living room with other seating options. Or in small apartments where space is at a premium, but you still want a luxurious seating experience.

What style do I choose? 

It is so important to make the right decision when buying a piece of furniture. Whilst our armchairs are very reasonable priced, it is still an investment piece that you want to be right and last you for many years for the purpose intended. So, the next step is to decide on what style you want. Do you have a similar style throughout your home, or is it more eclectic? The Scandinavian style is still a popular choice as it gives a clean, simple, and contemporary look that fits in most homes. A retro looking chair can be an interesting addition as they are so often more design led than others and therefore can make a real dramatic statement in your space. A big traditional armchair is great for comfort and can also evoke a certain amount of nostalgia. Whatever design style you opt for, they are not only versatile and can fit into any interior, but they give your home a personality and cosy atmosphere. To warm up the interior choose one with a wooden base and soft touch upholstery fabric, which both attract the eye and make a homely feel. This does not mean, however, that you should discount a metal leg chair option. These chairs often have a more elegant and modern look. The space that’s created underneath gives the illusion of space and so therefore works really well in rooms where you would like a more minimalist look. Choose a form that brings your interior together. A great chair will harmonise and can help to create a coherent whole. Regarding colours, you can choose a neutral palette to blend and calm or be bold and select a bold colour to complement as well as stand out and make a design statement. Whatever fabric you prefer they all have super abrasion resistance and therefore will stand the test of time.  

We also have something for the youngest in our offer. We couldn't ignore our customers' requests and created the Ducon mini chair for your children. It is as comfortable and functional as our grown-up version. Your kids are bound to feel special when they have this piece of furniture either in their own room or in the living room next to your own chair.