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Velvet Chairs

Velvet armchairs will add style and cosiness to your living room or bedroom. We have many designs, shapes, and colours, so everyone will find something suitable for their own interior style – whether contemporary, classic, retro or more Scandinavian in feel. In addition to their visual appeal, velvet upholstered armchairs are also extremely comfortable, making for perfect relaxation.

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Items 1-36 of 59


Velvet armchairs in many colours for the living room

A piece of furniture that combines a stylish look with superior comfort? It is, of course, a velvet armchair in the living room. In our online store you can buy them in a great variety of colours, making it easy to find the perfect match for your interior. With so many options, you just need to decide on the right one for you and your home. For a classic cosy feel, then take a look at the darker palette of rich greens, intense reds and dark blues. If you want to create a glamorous, luxe interior, then pale pinks and neutral tones are ideal, especially for models with metallic leg options. Whilst a minimalist space is usually furnished with whites and greys, it maybe worth thinking about introducing a bright pop of colour with a velvet armchair to create drama and a focal feature in your room. 

A velvet chair in the bedroom

A fantastic way to introduce interest into a bland bedroom, is to add an armchair, and a velvet armchair is an ideal option. The soft fabric adds cosiness and character, and provides an extra seat when dressing, relaxing with a book, nursing a baby, or even just throwing spare clothes on after a late night out. If you are lucky enough to have a large spacious bedroom, then a matching pair of armchairs is certainly worth considering, and very popular with interior designers, to give added energy to your interior.

Velvet armchairs – for any fashionable office 

If you want to create an office space to inspire and add design chic, then take a look at the range in our store. We have a great selection of velvet armchairs, which are perfect not only for the living room, but also for the office. With armchairs in different styles and colours, you can transform your office from a soulless space to a stimulating hub of activity. Many companies are looking to create break out spaces, where colleagues can have more informal meetings, or just have a respite from the intensity of screen and phones. Whilst the boardroom still has a position in the workplace, more people are seeing the advantages of creating more homely spaces, and one of the ways that is done, is by adding armchairs. Our armchair models are characterised by their high build quality, so they are very durable as well as looking beautiful. By adding a velvet armchair to your office, you add a certain prestige, and in turn create a great impression to visitors and clients. 

Thanks to the wide range of upholstered furniture in our store, you can choose comfortable and fashionable velvet armchairs for any office. Armchairs with a generic colour scheme of beige or grey are perfect for modern offices, as the muted colours go with any decor. For a striking look, then opt for brighter shades and for the ultimate wow factor, then go for a rainbow of colour options. 

Velvet fabric – ideal for armchairs

The word velvet isn't a reference to the material or the fibre used, but describes the structure of the fabric. It isn’t a flat weave but uses more fibres to create the tufts of yarn on the face of the material. Historically used by noble classes, this is why it still emulates opulence and elegance. Its plush pile has great light reflecting properties which add interest and texture to an armchair. You can choose a chair with metal legs, which pair together beautifully, which in turn works very well with glass and metal accessories. Alternatively, select a model with wooden legs to add contrast. Most of our armchairs have the added advantage of a choice of wood colour finishes too, which is ideal if you already have wooden furniture in your interior. Classic styles with button detailing, or stitching patterns work very well in velvet, as they enhance the reflective features of the fabric.