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Modular Sofas

The desire to have an original piece of furniture is easily fulfilled by choosing a modular sofa option. It allows you to create the shape of the sofa to your preference, and to fit the size of the interior. It is also a great choice, if there are access issues with your property, and it is difficult to fit a fully assembled sofa into your room. In our store you will find many ranges to configure the perfect sofa you have always dreamed of. 

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Items 1-36 of 57


Modern modular sofas

Modern modular sofas, consisting of a variety of modules, are perfect for modern style interiors. A minimalist sofa composed of modules is ideal for either small living rooms or large open plan spaces. If you are lucky enough to have the space for a large sofa option, a modular sofa will be the focal point of your interior, so it is important it is well thought out. If you want to soften the expanse of seating, then select a variety of cushions in different textures and contrasting colours, which will give you a tasteful and stylish look.

In addition to the aesthetic and practical qualities, modern sofas comprised of modular units can also be very comfortable. This is down to the carefully selected materials that fill the seat and backrest. High elasticity foam is used inside the seat cushion, ensuring not only comfort whilst sitting on the sofa, but what also distinguishes this material from other cheaper fillers is its high resistance to deformation. So, even with frequent use of the modular sofa, you can be sure that it will retain its shape and beautiful appearance for a long time.

Modular corner sofa 

It is not only modular furniture to create standard shaped sofas that have been popular recently. Our customers are increasingly opting for a comfortable modular corner sofa, which provides increased seating in a much smaller space than classic two and three-seater sofa combinations. It creates a cosy social space that the modern family is looking for. When your seating requirement increases, or decreases, because of family changes or moving home, additional pieces can be purchased, or removed, to suit, and this makes a modular sofa much more adaptable and cost effective too.

You can choose from contemporary corner sofas, as well as those that have a more classic shape. Decide if you want a sofa with arms or would prefer a more European style design with open sides. We offer so many options so you can unleash your creative side and create your ideal arrangement. Most of our ranges have chaise options too, so you can incorporate this into your corner configuration, for the ultimate in relaxation. We make no apologies, if this increases your desire to spend more time lounging or snoozing on your new corner sofa. Our desire to create beautiful and comfortable sofas holds no bounds with a modular sofa. 

Flexibility and versatility with a modular sofa

Choosing a modular sofa means you can easily fit it into a space where a regular sofa would normally not be able to be placed. This allows you to maximize the use of your space while adding the best possible amount of seating. When deciding where you need the seating to be, you need to consider what the room will be used for the most. Sometimes, that means compromising with the placement of furniture. For example, with a standard 2 or 3-seat sofa where it is placed may be perfect when watching tv, but not ideal as an effective socialisation arrangement, when you have friends and family over. 

When you entertain, modular units offer easy separation, which allows you to place the modules so that your guests can sit opposite each other, rather than side by side. All our ranges also have footstools, which not only give you additional occasional seating when needed, but by adding a tray, can act as a makeshift coffee table for snacks and drinks. With a modular sofa, this can be moved and re-arranged to suit the occasion easily and without too much disruption. Buying a modular sofa will give you more flexibility within the room, allowing you to have the best configuration you need for the maximum functionality.