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Corner Sofa Beds

A corner sofa bed is such a versatile piece of furniture. It offers increased seating in a more compact area than conventional sofas in the day, as well as the option to convert to a bed at night. With a variety of styles, shapes and fabrics to choose from, you can create a tailored and comfortable living space to suit yours and your family’s needs. Ideal for the living room or a spare bedroom. 

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20 Items

Corner sofa beds

Creating a functional interior can be quite a challenge. We all want a beautiful, fashionable living room, but we also need to address the practical functions it needs to provide. A corner sofa bed can offer a versatile solution for a living room, that needs to provide a place to sit in the day and a place for sleeping, when required, in the evening. Often a sofa bed is chosen when space is limited in a home, so a corner unit will give the maximum amount of seating in your interior, as you are limiting the amount of space needed when otherwise arranging multiple pieces of furniture. This larger piece of furniture will allow you to fully stretch out for complete relaxation, which smaller sofas don’t allow for. When you need an additional sleeping facility, in a few moments you can create a bed for guests, whether unexpected or planned. In addition, many of our corner sofa beds also feature storage compartments, which is great for storing your spare bedlinen, or throws, blankets and magazines, keeping everything tidy and uncluttered.

The corner sofa beds available in our online store come in a great choice of shapes and sizes, so everyone can find the ideal piece of furniture for their interior, tailored to you and your family's needs. Our corner sofa beds are designed in different styles too. Not just for classic style lovers, we offer retro-style corner sofas which perfectly match mid-century furniture and Scandinavian-style sofas with a simple shape that fits most interiors. Many of our designs also have universal fixings, which means you decide the orientation when you receive and assemble it. This is also great if you move house, as although a right-side version may fit your home now, buying a universal corner sofa bed will give you the flexibility to alter it to the left side if your interior needs change in the future. 

Sofa beds for small and large interiors

Sofa beds that provide a place to sit and to sleep are such a great solution for all sizes of accommodation. For the smaller home they offer a great solution in the living room, providing not only a place for you and your household, but easily transforms the room to a bedroom when you need to accommodate overnight guests. We know how much of a challenge these smaller spaces can be and that multifunctional furniture is key to a successful layout and living arrangement.

If you have a large home, a sofa bed is ideal in a guest room, as it allows you to create additional living space in the day, and a bedroom at night. Even in larger homes a guest room is often located in a smaller bedroom and therefore instead of filling it with the permanence of a regular bed, then a sofa bed will give you the option to create a much more versatile space. When used as a sofa, it can be a great place to escape to, when you need some peace and tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of others.

What opening function to choose

Another point to consider is how the sofa unfolds and whether it will still fit comfortably in your room once unfolded? The advantages of this type of furniture are now very quiet unfolding systems. Quickly and without much noise you will create a place for a peaceful and restful sleep. An unfolded sofa bed will not take up any more floor space than a standard sofa, even a corner sofa bed, which allows you to regain the space you need every day in your interior. More and more of our customers are realising the benefits of a sofa bed and with such a huge choice on our site, you’re sure to find one to suit you and your homes needs. 

A dolphin mechanism is most often used in corner sofas. It consists of sliding the carriage out from under the seat and pulling the mattress onto the frame. This offers additional storage under the sleeping compartment too, which is very handy for spare bed linen. A click clack system is now very popular as it so easy to convert to a bed. It gets its name from the characteristic click that’s heard when the seat is lifted and pressed against the backrest. A pull-up mechanism was traditionally the only option for sofa beds, and is still very popular today, as you simply grip the handle and pull out the frame onto which the mattress is unfolded. Whatever you decide, you can be assured our designers have considered how easy it is to convert from one function to the other.

Sofa beds in a choice of fabrics and colours 

When it comes to choice, you can select from a great range of upholstery types and colours. We have velvet sofa beds, which are not only very elegant and look beautiful in the interior but are also functional and at affordable prices too. The soft tactile surface brings cosiness and warmth and beautifully reflects the light to give depth and interest to your room. A flat weave can offer a contemporary clean look, that is practical too. 

There is also a rich offer of colours on offer in our store. Grey is still the most popular colour choice for those who wish to create a modern, simple colour palette. It suits minimalist and loft style interiors, but also looks great in classic interiors too, giving a chic and refined look. If you think grey is too uninteresting for your home, it is worth considering what a great base colour it makes in your room. A fuchsia pink or a vibrant mustard look fabulous on a grey backdrop. It allows you to change the accessory colours with your taste, mood or even the seasons. Embellish your grey sofa bed with cushions and throws to give depth and interest. Alternatively, greys are perfect for a Scandi look, paired with other neutral tones, to give that calming vibe that is understandably still so popular in modern homes.

For an upmarket look to your interior, you can’t go wrong with creams and more natural tones. When accessorised with metallics it will exude elegance and glamour. And if you want to make a bold colour statement in your room, be inspired with a sofa bed in maybe a vibrant red or rich navy, which are amazing with contrasting colours for a confident look. It is all personal preference and cresting a look that works in your interior and allows you to showcase your style and personality. Whatever colour scheme you have planned for your living room, we are committed to offering a large enough choice of designs, fabrics, and colours so you can be sure you can create a unique sofa bed that is perfect and made especially by us for you.