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7 stylish armchairs that will transform your living room

7 stylish armchairs that will transform your living room

Nowadays, the living room is not only a space for relaxation but also the centre of family life and a place to meet friends. It is worth ensuring that its arrangement is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. One of the key elements of living room design is the furniture, especially the armchair, which can become a real ornament of this room.

Key Factors When Choosing an Armchair for the Living Room

Comfort: It is important that the armchair provides adequate support for the back and shoulders and is comfortable for sitting for long periods.

Style: When choosing an armchair, it is worth considering the style of the interior to be achieved, whether modern, classic or rustic. The armchair should be in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the living room.

Size and Proportions: the armchair should not dominate the living room or be too small so as not to lose its functionality. A well-fitting size and proportions are key.

Colour and Material: The colour of the armchair should blend in with the rest of the interior. Also, the material from which it is made is important both aesthetically and practically.

Functionality: Consider whether the armchair should be used as a seat only or whether it should have additional functions such as a footrest, relaxation function or storage space.

Stylish armchairs for the living room

Scandinavian armchair with wooden legs

The Haring armchair in Scandinavian style is the quintessence of simplicity and functionality. It is characterised by bright colours, minimalist design and wooden legs that add lightness. This armchair model will fit perfectly into modern interiors, adding cosiness and warmth to them. The wooden legs give it a natural charm, and the ergonomic shape guarantees comfort when sitting for long periods.

Vintage armchair with leather upholstery

The vintage armchair is a combination of elegance and the past. The leather upholstery, decorative buttons and wooden armrests create a unique, retro look.

This armchair will add a unique character and elegance to your living room. The leather upholstery is durable and easy to care for, ensuring that the armchair will please the eye for many years.

Modern Armchair with Metal Accents

This armchair represents a modern design with prominent metal accents. It features a minimalist form and a raw, modern look.

This armchair is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The metal accents give it an industrial feel and the ergonomic shape ensures comfort.

Armchair with footrest and relaxation function

The Savano armchair is the quintessence of relaxation and comfort. With its contoured backrest, footrest and relaxation function, the perfect place to relax has been created. With the footrest, you can stretch your legs out comfortably and the relaxation function allows you to adjust your sitting position, which is ideal after a long day. This is the perfect armchair for reading a book or watching your favourite film.

Industrial Style Armchair with Metal Frame

This armchair is a combination of rawness and modern design. It features a metal frame that gives it an industrial feel.

The frame not only gives the armchair character but also provides stability. It is the ideal choice for lovers of industrial style who appreciate minimalist design and comfort.

Armchair in Minimalist Style 

Minimalism is the principle of purity, simplicity and elegance. The Bali armchair is characterised by simple, clean lines and an economical form.

It is the ideal choice for lovers of minimalist design. This armchair provides comfort while maintaining an elegant simplicity.

Leather armchair with quilted backrest

The leather armchair with a quilted backrest combines classic elegance and modern design. It is characterised by a luxurious look thanks to its quilted backrest and high-quality leather.

This armchair is synonymous with comfort and convenience. The quilted backrest provides not only an aesthetically pleasing look but also support for the back. The leather upholstery is not only durable but also easy to care for, which means that the armchair will retain its qualities for many years.

The quilted backrest gives the armchair a unique character and makes it the focal point of the living room. It is the ideal choice for lovers of luxury and traditional elegance who wish to emphasise the unique character of their interior.

How to Adapt an Armchair for the Living Room?

Choosing the perfect armchair is not only a matter of aesthetics but also functionality and harmony with the design of the entire living room. Here are some key tips to help match the armchair to the space:

Interior style: when choosing an armchair, pay attention to the style that prevails in the living room. Choose an armchair that harmonises with the overall style and aesthetic of the room.

Colour and material: The colour of the armchair should match the rest of the décor. If the sofa or carpet has specific colours, it is advisable to choose an armchair that complements or contrasts harmoniously.

Size and proportions: the armchair must not dominate the living room or be too small to lose functionality. Carefully measure the available space and choose an armchair that fits into these dimensions, taking care of the proportions.

Functionality: It is worth considering what function the armchair should serve. Is it to be purely a place to sit, or are we looking for a model with a footrest, a relaxation function or storage compartments for small items?

Upholstery material: The choice of material matters both aesthetically and practically. Leather is luxurious and durable, but also requires special care. Fabrics can be cosier but require regular cleaning.

Comfort: Comfort is a key aspect when choosing a chair. It is worth making sure that the chair offers adequate back support and that the seat is comfortable, especially if you plan to lounge in it for long hours.

Location: Where exactly do you want to place the armchair? Will it be the centrepiece of the living room or a more hidden, relaxing corner? The location of the armchair is important for its functionality and impact on the design.

Choosing the right armchair for your living room can be a fascinating but also challenging task. It is crucial to find a balance between style, comfort and functionality. Ultimately, the choice of armchair depends on individual tastes, lifestyle and expectations. Therefore, it is advisable to be aware of your needs, think through every detail and enjoy the result when the living room becomes a place that is not only beautiful but also comfortable and functional.