Choosing the right chair matters

Choosing the right chair matters

Choosing the right chair matters immensely not only in terms of interior design but also when it comes to our comfort and health. Carefully chosen chair will add a lot of style and class to your room. Sometimes it can also add a bit of quirkiness if the pattern is unconventional. At other times it can even make our living room or kitchen feel more formal. What should we consider when choosing chairs for dining or living room? We have a couple of tips for you.

Comfort and stability

For us, personally, comfort and stability are the most important aspects to consider when choosing furniture for our home. And it doesn’t matter whether is is a sofa, an armchair, or a chair – it just has to be comfy. The seat and the backrest should be properly shaped. Smooth to the touch upholstery fabric and legs that elevate the whole piece. Our dining room chairs are not only very comfortable, but they are also firm and look beautiful in small and bigger rooms. Our wide range, not only in terms of colour scheme, but also when it comes to shape, means that everyone will be able to find their perfect chair.

Appropriate height

A chair shouldn’t be too high, but it shouldn’t be too small either. Before buying one we should spend a little bit of time checking how high our table is and think what type of chair will be best for us. Let’s not forget about backrest’s height – your back will thank you when you’ll be able to rest it properly.



Dining and living room chairs, or any other piece of furniture should complement the whole design. If we plan to decorate the whole room, we should try to make sure that the colours and shapes match each other. Our vote goes for a traditional style with a touch of quirkiness. We love unconventional patterns and colours. The whole arrangement should match and give the room a unique feeling. Remember as well that large chairs in bold colours could make the room seem smaller, while smaller chairs in soft colours will open the space.


What do we recommend from our range? Everything, but especially those models:


Upholstered chair quilted with beautiful buttons: Hoxton


Modern upholstered dining room chair: Lakri