Exploring luxe style - definition, features, inspiration

Exploring luxe style - definition, features, inspiration

Luxe style is all about glamour and opulence. It makes an interior feel sumptuous, with shiny metallic surfaces, sumptuous velvets and silks, reflective glass and mirrors. It is a refined, but welcoming space with stylish but comfortable sofas, often with boutique hotel vibes. Most of all, it is easy to achieve in whatever space you have available but is particularly popular in living rooms and bedrooms. At SLF24 we have so many upholstered furniture options to choose from, to make your home as luxurious as you want it to be.

What is a luxe interior? 

If you are looking to inject glamour and elegance into your home, creating a luxe interior that focuses on materials, textures, and a simple colour palette, could be exactly what you need. It evokes the glamourous high life, often seen in celebrity’s homes, and aims to pamper the soul with sophistication. The focal point of the room is either the sofa in a living room, or bed in a bedroom, and SLF24 has an abundance of these items to get you started on your luxe journey. The most popular fabric for a sofa, bed or chair in this style is velvet and many of our most popular models are available in over 20 shades, so you can be sure to find your favourite. Once the statement furniture piece has been selected, then the auxiliary furniture and accessories need to be considered. Think cabinets and coffee tables in polished wood, mirrored glass and metallics such as golds, bronzes and silvers. Unlike minimalism where less equals calmness, here fewer items enhance the opulence and affluent quality of a glam interior. 

However, just because you want to re-create a lavish interior, this doesn’t mean it needs to cost a fortune. At SLF24 you can be sure that you are buying great quality upholstered furniture at an affordable price. The fabrics are selected not only for their visual appeal, but also for durability too. A luxe style interior has been popular in interiors for many years, but to keep everything looking at the height of fashion, smaller accessories and accents can be changed to update your look whenever it needs a revival. Replace cushions on your sofa, or a plush pile rug on the floor, to keep your room looking fresh.

A great interior style can help you think more positively, especially when you surround yourself with things that make you feel happy. Today’s home interiors are often more focused towards socialising, and what better addition to a luxe interior than a cocktail cabinet. Not only is it a great way to display and store all the sprits and mixers you need, but you can often find an interesting design that will add fun and drama to your room too. Look for furniture that’s adaptable to your needs when entertaining, so a modular sofa may be preferable, or a corner sofa that offers maximum seating in the space available. 

The origins of a glamourous luxe interior

The origins of luxe interior design can be traced back to the ‘Golden Era of Hollywood’, in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It evolved post the Great Depression, showcasing a welcome antidote to the leaner years, and became a style full of luxurious touches. It was based on a fluid boundary between splendour and glamour, and became a sort of reverse to minimalism, popularising more dramatic looking furniture forms with a strong Art Deco influence. It encapsulated the Hollywood Regency period, and was ornate, experimental, and eclectic; mixing styles but in a very glamourous way and was predominantly about communicating worldliness and wealth. 

The period identified with beautiful clothes and glamourous hotels and restaurants, which was then reflected in the interiors of the rich and famous. Its glamour and luxurious touches were ideally suited to the Hollywood stars of the time. It was promoted by the icons of cinema and popularised by the media. Thanks to the media, the style was copied by the ordinary people and became one of the leading interior styles, particularly in America. Over the years, the style has evolved and become a little softer, with modern touches, but still retains the glamour of its roots. Luxe interior design is an interpretation of Hollywood Regency that is accessible to all, whatever their status or affluence.

Where to start in designing a Luxe interior

The most important criteria when designing any interior is to think about the space, and how and who will be using it. If it is a living room, then start with seating requirements. How often do you entertain – what amount of seating do you need, and do you like a relaxed seat or a more formal arrangement. Then decide what are the other needs - such as coffee tables, tv stands and bookcases - and measure the space, which includes access to get the furniture in the room, not just where it will be located. Once the basics have been established, then you can get on with the fun part!

For most people in modern times, luxe interior design aims to communicate glamour through materials and textures, such as reflective surfaces and soft fabrics. It often also incorporates the best of classic interior styles such as French, Rococo, and Baroque, particularly because these are the styles that are associated with wealth and royalty. However, the new modern designs are usually a more pared down version of the originals. Today's consumer wants sophistication, but with a more relaxed feel. Although the feeling of luxury remains very important, we want something that feels approachable too.

When choosing the colour palette, a classic luxe look would be neutrals, monochrome, or a more feminine feel in soft pinks and lilacs. Lighting and reflective surfaces are important, with mirrors, glass and crystals being popular. Accessorise carefully with well-considered sculptural pieces to enhance rather than detract. Remember that the Luxe look started in Hollywood, so big dramatic statement pieces work really well, whether that is artwork or oversized candles and elegant tall vases.