How to choose a comfortable sofa bed

How to choose a comfortable sofa bed

A comfortable piece of furniture for sleeping on is one of the most important choices when designing both a bedroom and a guest room, and occassionally a living room. A bed or a sofa? A corner sofa or a sofa with a sleeping function? How do you choose a comfortable sofa bed? What should we think about?

A sofa or a bed?

Choosing furniture for sleeping on is often a challenge. The dimensions, firmness and additional functions such as storage for bed linen are just some of the points to ponder. However, the main decision is whether you require just a bed or something more versatile, such as a sofa bed that has a dual purpose. The answer depends on several factors. The first of them is the size of the room. For a smaller guest room or a small bedroom, a comfortable sofa bed is a great solution as it takes less space when functioning as a sofa. A sofa with a sleeping function is also often easier to match with your interior style and decoration.

Secondly is the purpose of the piece of furniture. If we are looking for a sofa for a guest room, we assume that for most of the time the sofa will serve more as a place for aesthetics rather than sleeping. With your room being used as a guest room, this suggests that a place to sleep for guests shall only be prepared occasionally, so it doesn't require daily upkeep.

Thirdly would be your preferences. When looking for a piece of furniture for sleeping, we choose the one which suits us best - some people prefer a dual function - a piece of furniture both for sitting and for sleeping, while others only for sleeping. A sofa for sleeping and sitting seems to be a more practical solution, because when folded it takes up much less space and is more mobile than a bed. It can be dressed with cushions and throws and used as a place to escape to when needed. Guest rooms can often be used rarely, so why not make the use of the additional space and use it when guests aren’t there. Who wouldn’t appreciate a chill out space, whether for teenagers or the parents! A sofa can be a better solution because it can be converted to a bed in moments, is more portable and has smaller dimensions.

Fourthly – mobility - a sofa with a sleeping function is easier to move. So, if you haven’t got the luxury of space for a permanent position, just place it where and when it is needed. From a living room to a smaller bedroom or even a mezzanine it can easily be placed. In addition, a sofa can have a more aesthetically pleasing shape, which will make it not only a comfortable piece of furniture for sleeping, but also a beautiful accent for your room too.

Is a sofa bed suitable for everyday sleeping?

What constitutes an ideal sofa for sleeping on? Firstly, it must have the right dimensions. The length should be adequate for your body to ensure that your feet will not stick out of the bottom! You need to consider the dimensions of the unfolded sofa as well. Will you still be able to open/close your door, get to the windows etc? Secondly, how comfortable is it when lying down? A very comfortable sofa for sleeping on should be firm enough so that your spine is supported and therefore will ensure restful sleep.

When looking for a sofa bed, it is worth noting the shape. A simple design will ensure the sleeping surface will be even and therefore more comfortable. It should also be easier to unfold it to a bed and then fold it back into a sofa. A simple sofa with a sleeping function would be perfect for a small living room in a compact apartment or as a second bed in a children’s room. For taller people, a Luppo or Cosy sofa bed will be ideal. For a growing child's room, the Tulip sofa bed would be a great solution.

When choosing a sofa for everyday sleeping, it is worth remembering that the length of its body, firmness, dimensions when folded and unfolded as well as the comfort when lying down are the most important factors. If you have a very small area and a sofa for everyday sleeping does not fit, an armchair with a sleeping function could be an option to consider. Flic or Boom chair beds would be perfect. Their extensive colour and fabric selections will also ensure the perfect match whether they are going in a small bright bedroom or a more muted Scandi style living room.

An important aspect when looking for a sofa for everyday sleeping is also the sleeping surface. It should be even and flat. A sofa with a sleeping function with a width of about 120-130 cm gives the largest sleeping surface. For additional comfort it may also be worth investing in a mattress topper. This will even the surface even further and ensure you will not feel the changes in position of the person sleeping next to you.

A sofa bed for everyday use should have the simplest possible unfolding system. The least strenuous one is the so-called click-clack. Its additional advantage is the possibility of easy access storage for your bed linen.

Looking for a comfortable sofa bed – what options for unfolding into a bed are there?

A cosy restful sofa with a sleeping function is not only about the comfort of sleep – firmness and shape, but also about how it unfolds. Is it easy? Will it fit in the room comfortably once unfolded? There are several ways of unfolding a sofa for sleeping:

1) Dolphin system - most often used in corner sofas. It consists of sliding the carriage out from under the seat and pulling the mattress onto the frame.

2) DL system - involves sliding the seat out and flipping the backrest over.

3) Trolley - a way of unfolding the couch that uses a pull-up system. Gripping the special handle pulls out the frame onto which the mattress is unfolded.

4) Pull-out - a thin mattress on special strips "rides" on the frame.

5) Click Clack – so called as the seat is lifted and pressed against the backrest until a characteristic click is heard.

6) Pull-out system - an independent mattress hidden under the seat. When needed it can be pulled out on a special frame.

Corner sofa beds – ideal for day and night

In a living room, a family room or even a mezzanine, a corner sofa with a sleeping function could be the ideal solution. The Explorer corner sofa or the Nicea corner sofa with storage for bed linen will fit perfectly into a Scandi or retro style room. Most homes now need to be easily adapted to accommodate extended family and friends and therefore a large corner sofa that doubles as a bed is perfect.

A sofa with a sleeping function should be elegant and comfortable. A good quality and build frame are of paramount importance. A solid wood handmade frame is, in our opinion, the best. This forms the base for strength and stability, which for a dual-purpose piece of furniture is essential. The cushions often need to be used for the mattress too, so it is important they too are strong and sturdy to ensure adequate support whilst sleeping. A great example of this is the Globe - a generously sized pull-out corner sofa bed.

So, what should your sofa bed look like?

A sofa with a sleeping function in a bedroom or in a living room as a guest bed should also look beautiful. For elegance, choose a sofa with velvet upholstery, which exquisitely reflects the light. For a more dramatic look and to make a real style statement choose an intense colour such as a vibrant red, royal blue or deep mustard.

We believe all furniture should look beautiful in your home, but we know this can be subjective. So, what should it look like? First of all, it should create a coherent look in your interior. For a retro style guest bedroom, the Luppo or Mossa sofa bed will fit perfectly. The Nimbus is a popular contemporary choice, and the Dillon is perfect for achieving a cosy, more traditional look.  Secondly, it should fit perfectly in your space – consider the placement of your windows and doors – how will it look both as a sofa and when unfolded into a bed. Thirdly, it should be practical to fit in with your lifestyle. So, do you need integrated storage for spare bed linen, duvets and pillows? Do you need it to blend into your surroundings or do you want to make a statement with a bold intense colour? Whatever you choose, there will be a sofa bed for you, that meets both yours and your family’s needs.