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How to choose furniture for a classic living room?

How to choose furniture for a classic living room?

The classic style is one of the most popular choices when designing interiors. It is timeless and elegant, which makes it look beautiful and perfect. When choosing classic style furniture, you should be careful, as a living room decorated in this style cannot be overdone. How do you create a beautiful classic style living room?

What are the characteristics of a classic living room? 

The classic style living room is characterised by several distinctive features. These include:

  • simplicity and symmetry,
  • antiques and elegant furniture,
  • noble materials and fabrics, e.g. marble or wood,
  • paintings on the walls,
  • mirrors and striking chandeliers,
  • decorations on walls and ceilings,
  • beige, cream tones, browns, gold and silver.

When decorating a classic living room, remember to keep the interior subdued, harmonious and symmetrical, and choose wall decorations so that the arrangement is consistent.

How to decorate a classic-style living room?

The classic living room is the showpiece of the home. By choosing muted colours and making sure it is bright and airy, it will become an elegant place to relax and socialise. Furniture in the classic style should be simple and wooden. When designing a classic living room, it is also a good idea to choose natural stones and appropriate decoration.

When decorating a classic living room, it is also good to remember that some of the decor elements should have a slightly exclusive touch. One of the most beautiful combinations in the classic style is the duet of wood and stone. It looks great and gives the living room character.

When placing furniture in a classic living room, keep a few rules in mind:

  • do not place all the furniture against the wall,
  • choose the right proportions,
  • choose the highest quality for each piece.

How to choose furniture for a classic living room?

Classic style furniture is best chosen to create a timeless interior. When looking for the most beautiful furniture for a classic living room, it's a good idea to go for the highest quality pieces that are also antique styled. Classic sofas (such as Monza or James) should be upholstered in shades of brown, beige or turquoise. Each such sofa can, for example, have gilded and gently curved legs, giving the living room an amazing character. 

Classic style furniture for the living room will allow you to create a brilliant and elegant interior. You can opt, for example, for the classic French style, which is distinguished by, among other things, nautical or maroon. When looking for the right furniture, bet on wood. Classic furniture for the living room should have a uniform colour.

An interesting choice is furniture that refers to palace interiors. Full of splendour with a comfortable classic sofa upholstered in velvet in a muted colour. What should distinguish classic-style furniture?

  • Regular shapes.
  • Multifunctionality and plenty of storage space.
  • Muted and usually bright colours.
  • Classic sofa - elegance in itself

Once you have chosen the cabinets, bookcases, chest of drawers and other furniture for your classic living room, it is time for the classic sofa. To inspire you, here are some of our models that will look great in a classic living room with a modern twist and more.

  • Monza - This is a comfortable three-seater sofa perfect as an accent in a contrasting colour. It will make a classic living room feel cosy and elegant. It will also work great in waiting rooms or therapy rooms. In addition, Monza has comfortable cushions.
  • Dillon Velvet - The two-seater sofa in an intense colour will add character to the living room. The soft backrest and wide armrests provide comfort for those relaxing. While the sofa itself is sleek and elegant.
  • Baron - Ideal for a classic living room with palace accents. It is massive and the comfortable cushions can be rearranged as desired.  It looks great in any living room and its classic body adds a touch of exclusivity to the interior.
  • Chesterfield line - These are sofas with English-style leather upholstery. They are ideal for any classic living room with English accents.  The decorated legs add a bit of lightness to it, and the sofa itself looks beautiful and original thanks to the quilting.
  • James - Subtle, elegant and comfortable. With its simple body and comfortable small cushions, it is ideal for a small classic living room with a modern twist.  The silicone fibre upholstery is resistant to damage and deformation. What makes this sofa stand out are two words: modern classic!