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How to decorate a hampton-style interior?

How to decorate a hampton-style interior?

Hampton is a style inspired by the town of Hampton - one of the favourite holiday destinations of Manhattan's rich. The style was born out of a love of luxury, which one did not want to give up even when on holiday. It is also one of the relatively young and more interesting styles in interior design. It is one of the styles that make it possible to create beautiful, elegant and cosy interiors.

Where does the name Hampton come from?

The town of Hampton is a beautiful place filled with resorts on East and Long Island. Each is one of the favourite destinations for New Yorkers who want a break from the rush of the Big Apple. The Hampton style was initially only popular in the US, but it has also been inspired by European designers who have brought Hamptons to the Old Continent. In addition, the popularity of the Hamptons style is growing thanks to series such as Grace and Frankie.

What is Hampton style and what distinguishes it?

Hampton is where property prices are highest. No wonder, since the Hampton style was born out of a love of luxury. The interior of Hamptons is distinguished by:

a balanced proportion of opulence and elegance,

  • neutral colours from the nautical palette,
  • natural materials such as linen, wood and wool,
  • comfortable furniture,
  • marinist motifs.

The American interior design style from Long Island is also a duo of freedom and luxury, which made it possible to combine unpretentiousness and cosiness. Adding marinist elements and the distinctive shades of blue made these very qualities the hallmarks of American interior design style.

From a certain point in the history of the style that was born in Hampton, a variation of it called the new Hampton began to be distinguished. This is the result of design experimentation and the addition of modern and fresh touches to the classic Hampton. In addition, chocolate browns, old gold, and lavender are starting to appear. 

Characteristics of the Hampton style

The Hampton style combines elements from different styles - art déco, New York style and rustic elements. The Hampton interior draws somewhat from the furnishings of the British countryside in the 19th century and the style of beach houses. This makes the interior attractive and, most importantly, cohesive.

The Hampton style also features a hint of patina and snowy white as the base of the design. The colour palette in this American interior design style also includes ivory, natural wood and almost all shades of blue. This colour is most often used for accessories or furniture, such as the navy blue Bali sofa or the comfortable blue Monza Sofa with cushions.

How do you create a Hampton-style interior?

Knowing the main features of the American style of interior design, it is time to choose the elements of the arrangement. Let's start with the floor: to make Hampton look perfect in your living room, choose high-quality natural materials - solid wood parquet or layered boards.

The next element is the wall colours. We mentioned the colour palette used in Hampton interiors above. When choosing a base, it is a good idea to go for ivory snow white or sand. For each of these colours, it is good to choose delicate accessories in shades of blue or another from the marine colour palette.

Time for furniture and accessories: The Hampton living room

Hampton living room interior design is all about nautical motifs, natural materials and accessories that add charm and character. When looking for furniture for a living room in the American Long Island style, it is best to choose so that it is simple and contrasting at the same time. 

Hampton style in the living room can be created with:

  • natural or whitewashed wood cabinets,
  • chrome elements,
  • glass,
  • accessories with Moroccan ornaments or geometric patterns,
  • nautical accessories such as lanterns, shells and ship models.

The Hampton style living room also includes Louisville-inspired chairs, chests of drawers with art déco accents, country-inspired accessories and comfortable sofas such as James. The Hampton style also includes comfortable and often classic and timeless light sofa sets, such as the Corner Sofa Avos.

Some of the most beautiful additions to a Hampton interior include fresh-cut flowers and frosted or crystal chandeliers and standing lamps with a base of wood or porcelain and a fabric lampshade. Of course, blue accents and ropes, anchors and other nautical accents should not be missing from a Hampton interior.

When decorating a Hampton living room, you can also base your design on the TOP 5 Hampton-style features. These include:

  • very large rooms - here it is worth remembering that this does not exclude the possibility of using the Hampton style in small living rooms,
  • natural colours,
  • wooden floors,
  • natural light,
  • elegant and simple furniture.

In addition, the Hampton living room should be characterised by timelessness, elegance and balance.  

The Hampton-style bedroom

After the living room, it's time for the bedroom. The Hampton style in the bedroom is all about the right choice of furniture, materials and colours. The search for interior design elements for a Hampton bedroom should start with finding a large king-size bed with an upholstered headboard and a thick mattress (e.g. Dreaminess or Sleepiness from our shop). A king-size can also be converted into a continental bed. Bed accessories are often cushions and a bedspread in linen, percale or cotton, which can also be used for bed linen. Another element can be blankets and so-called bedrolls made of whitewashed wood.

A sisal, jute or wool rug such as Yousra can also be used in the bedroom. A maritime motif, such as a ship or simply an anchor or the sea, will complete the look. If you have a large bedroom, you can also insert a quilted bench.

A small Hampton bedroom often means lots of fabrics that are reserved for this style, a suitable bed and simply colours and accessories. It is worth remembering that a well-planned Hampton bedroom design will give it character and become a cosy place for those who like to read before bed or meditate. The Hampton style is really for anyone who likes nautical motifs, warm earthy colours and blue tones and simple elegant furniture in natural materials.