Light coloured furniture in your interior - it can work - even with children and pets!

Light coloured furniture in your interior - it can work - even with children and pets!

Sofas, armchairs, and complete suites in pale colours. Whilst they look great, some customers are afraid of committing to them in their own interior because of the risk of spills and marks. We want to focus on those that need a little more persuasion when it comes to this particular colour palette and reassure the doubters that it doesn’t need to be such a scary choice. In the minds of many people, questions begin to arise as to the practicality and durability of such light-coloured furniture. Who would buy a white or cream corner sofa when they have children? Pale coloured armchairs in a home with a dog or cat? Can it work? It can!

A living room that features predominantly light colours is classic, calming and timeless. However, choosing an ideal and, above all, light lounge suite, is not always straight forward. The fabrics need to be carefully selected, so they provide us with furniture that is resistant to abrasion, and that is very easy to keep clean. In the case of all the fabrics chosen by SLF24, all that is required is a wet cloth and weak soapy water, which will be enough to remove minor accidents caused by everyday life. Light sofas and armchairs can be perfectly suited to any interior and for all household members, big and small, hairy or not! 

Here is an example of the Kooper range from SLF24 in Light Beige Velluto velvet fabric. (KLIK)

A grey corner sofa or a sofa in darker tones no longer has to be the ‘go to’ choice (especially if we're not fond of them). Our homes don’t have to be boring or grey practical and we can confidently start reaching for what we really like and aspire to.

For lovers of bright and pastel colours in interiors, we have prepared especially for you an inspiration of elegant and stylish sofa models in soft tones, from SLF24:

A perfect example of how furniture in muted tones from SLF24 can be arranged is this living room:

Here we used: two 3-seater Kooper sofas (KLIK) and a matching Kooper footstool (KLIK)

Our selection of corner sofas in muted shades with SLF24:

One of the SLF24 corner models was arranged like this:

This is the Charles model in cream Fancy 11 fabric (KLIK)

The above interior is bright, cosy and restful. Even though there are children and a dog living there - as the owner confirms - it is easy to keep clean. 

Bright interiors give us a sense of peace and harmony. In contrast to intense colours, beige, white or light cream do not overpower us. In such interiors we can create a real and spacious oasis of peace.

In the picture you can see how much the owners pet dog loves the Nimbus armchair (KLIK) 

SLF24 cares about every detail. To meet all customers’ needs it has a huge selection of fabrics and models so that everyone can find something for themselves. The fast delivery of 2-3 weeks helps to achieve a quick makeover in your home. 

What style and colour would you choose for your interior?