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What is the optimum distance between the sofa and the TV?

What is the optimum distance between the sofa and the TV?

The sofa and the TV are two elements that no living room lion can do without. However, just like when working at the computer, long hours in front of the TV can be damaging to the eyes and the spine. Besides, it's also a place to relax, so it needs to be comfortable and nicely decorated. When children will also be watching TV, it is all the more important to ensure that the TV is at the right distance from the sofa. How far do you position the sofa from the TV to be comfortable and to protect the eyes?

Distance between sofa and TV: why is it so important?

The proper distance of the sofa is primarily to protect our eyes when relaxing in front of the TV. In addition, if the TV is near a heat source, keeping the right distance helps to avoid a fire. In addition, the distance of the sofa will also ensure that the interior is functional and comfortable for relaxation. In addition, an optimum distance between the TV and the sofa will provide great conditions for watching films with the whole family. In addition, the right distances will also ensure safety and an appropriate appearance of the interior.

When looking for the answer to the question: What distance between the sofa and the TV set is considered adequate? it is worth using the suggestions of manufacturers, who propose a distance of approx. 2.1 or 4.5 cm for every inch of screen size. To better see how easy it is to determine the distance from the TV of a sofa or couch let's use an example:

TV size: 60 inches

Distance from the sofa: x

We convert 60 inches x 2.1 cm = 126 cm, approximately 1.26 m from the sofa.

In addition, it is accepted that for HD/Full HD TVs the distance of the sofa should be approx. 

4-5 cm for every inch of the TV. Additionally, it is worth remembering that the TV should be placed no higher than approx. 30-40 degrees higher than our line of sight.

What gives the right sofa and TV distance?

What does the optimum distance between the sofa and the TV give? Firstly, it protects the eyes and partly the spine. When the TV is too close to the sofa, we will try to move closer to it, causing us to hunch over. When the TV stands too far away, we will lean back, which will lead to muscle tension that will cause pain. 

When trying to estimate the distance between the sofa and the TV, there are several things to consider, viz:

  • the size of the TV,
  • the square footage of the room,
  • the diagonal of the screen,
  • the model of the TV,
  • the arrangement of the passageways,
  • the height of the television cabinet or the place on the wall where you hang the television,
  • where you sit - preferably in front of the screen, but not at an angle,
  • lighting and sunlight,
  • space for equipment - RTV cabinet or wall,
  • proper planning of walkways - none should be between the sofa and the TV.

What is a safe distance from the TV for children?

When looking for the optimum distance between the sofa and the TV, you also need to pay attention to the youngest members of the household. Children often run around the house and knock over objects while playing.  To ensure their safety, think about positioning the TV in such a way that the little ones cannot reach the buttons.

What is the right distance between the sofa and the TV for children? Determining its optimum distance in a living room with a children's corner or in a home chill room for all is determined according to slightly different rules than for adults. The minimum distance of the TV from the sofa for the little ones should be three times the diagonal of the TV screen.

Size and model of TV and distance from the sofa

Does the size of the TV determine its distance from the sofa? Yes. We have already mentioned how to estimate it.  The distance from the sofa for the most popular TV sizes is:

  • 46 inches: the distance should be approximately 2 m,
  • 50 inches: here the distance should be approximately 2.10 m,
  • 55 inches: the optimum distance is 2.30 m,
  • 60 inches: the distance from the sofa should be approximately 3 m.

The optimal distance of the TV from the sofa is also influenced by its model. A 4K TV should stand at a distance from the sofa that can be calculated from the formula: diagonal of the screen x 2.1 cm. 

Comfortable sofas for watching TV

Once you have chosen your location and calculated the distance between the TV and the sofa, it's time to choose a comfortable sofa.  When you're planning screenings with friends or simply in a larger group, large corner sofas such as the Gaza, Slender, or Chesterfield Modular Sofa are perfect. In a smaller living room with a TV, smaller Scandi-style sofas such as Demure or Magnus will look great. For a tiny cinema room for romantic screenings for two, a two-seater sofa such as Lioni, Farrow, or Sodre with extra cushions will fit in well. Modular sofas and corner sofas, such as Bali or Mojo, are also good for watching TV. This is ideal when the number of guests invited to the screening is mobile. As well as a sofa, there are of course comfortable and warm blankets and, above all, extra cushions to make watching your favorite film or TV series even more comfortable.