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Elegance Corner Sofa Bed With Storage

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Elegance Corner Sofa Bed With Storage

Product description

Decorating a living room that will not only be functional, but also beautiful, is not an easy task. Sometimes we can’t find a model of a sofa or corner sofa that will – apart from being practical – win all family members’ hearts with the way it looks. Very often searching for such a combination is long and exhausting. That’s why we created Elegance corner sofa bed. A stylish corner sofa bed is something that will transform any living room. Elegance corner sofa bed is a really functional piece of furniture. Its not too large size means that it will fit into any living room. Comfortable seat and backrest are filled with soft and flexible silicon fibre. Thanks to that you are guaranteed to experience a high level of comfort on this sofa. In addition, we offer a choice of fabrics and extensive selection of colours, so you are sure to find the perfect match. It makes this corner sofa more stylish and improves its aesthetic qualities.The pull out system of this piece of furniture is very simple and quick. It doesn’t require you to be very strong and – what’s most important - the mechanism is also quiet. You will be able to very quickly transform a place where you host your friends or watch TV together into a small bedroom where you can provide yourself or your close ones with a comfortable sleeping space. Another big advantage is a storage for sheets. Go for a classical look and an elegant sofa shape that will ensure your and your guests’ comfort. Elegance corner sofa bed is available in a broad colour scheme, which guarantees that you can choose a right colour for your room and make sure that this piece of furniture matches your interior design and style.

Please note, due to this item having a double function, the sofa has a firm sit, in order for the bed to function effectively.

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Product features

  • corner sofa bed with a storage,
  • quiet pull out mechanism,
  • comfortable seat and backrest filled with silicon fibre,
  • reversible corner sofa,
  • can be use as left or right hand corner,
  • storage for sheets,
  • wooden legs.

Container for bedding

Profiled backrest

Dolphin reclining system

Seat filling of foam

2 person assembly


111 kg
234 cm
87 cm
149 cm
Seat width
198 cm
Seat height
46 cm
Seat depth
125 cm
Side height
65 cm
Back height
42 cm
Legs height
12 cm
Width of the sleeping area
192 cm
Depth of the sleeping area
125 cm
Switch units

Package Dimensions

Package 1
Package 1 Width
132 cm
Package 1 Height
77 cm
Package 1 Depth
84 cm
Package 1 Weight
66 kg
Package 2
Package 2 Width
72 cm
Package 2 Height
77 cm
Package 2 Depth
150 cm
Package 2 Weight
49 kg
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Fabric name Velluto
Description Velluto fabric is incredibly pleasant to the touch. Smooth velvet fabric with stylish shine. Very chic colour scheme.
Type of fabric Velvet
Weight 360 g/m (+/- 5%)
Cleaning instruction Clean with soapy water or with water-based cleaning products. Don't iron. Don't bleach.
Composition 100% polyester
Additional description High quality fabric. Resistant to abrasiveness. High density.
Fabric name Ontario
Description Soft and fluffy fabric texture. It resembles wool’s texture. Very pleasant to the touch and highly resistant to abrasiveness.
Type of fabric Soft wool imitation
Weight 280 gr/mb
Cleaning instruction Can be cleaned - don't use strong cleaning products. Don't bleach.
Composition 100% polyester
Additional description Soft. Durable. Fashionable weave. Easy to keep clean. Resistant to abrasiveness.
Fabric name Baku
Description Baku fabric has a ‘wool like’ feel and a similar structure to felt. It is soft to the touch and durable, so this ensures it stays looking great on your furniture for years to come. The relaxed, but chic look is perfect for a modern interior.
Type of fabric Wool like fabric
Weight 380 g / mb
Cleaning instruction The material can be cleaned with water-based cleaners. It should not be machine washed, bleached or tumble dried.
Composition 100% polyester
Additional description High quality material. Soft to the touch. Resistant to animal scratches.

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