How do you decorate your interior for Christmas?

How do you decorate your interior for Christmas?

Do you have a ‘more is more’ kind of approach, or do you prefer a subtle and maybe more understated look. Whatever your preference, Christmas is a time when you are able to enhance your home with joy and cosiness. The festive season is a time for celebrating with family and friends, and what better way to welcome your guests then with a beautifully decorated interior.

Nostalgia is a term often overused in conjunction with Christmas, but decorations can offer a wonderful sentimental feel. Special decorations are often passed down through the generations, and happy memories can be triggered by thoughts of loved ones past and present. Homemade decorations are another feature that evoke special times, especially when they have been lovingly made by your children or grandchildren. If you are particularly creative, it is a great reason to showcase your talents, and make items that are unique and bespoke just for your home.

Christmas decorations in the living room

Whilst the number of tasks associated with Christmas can sometimes be overwhelming, preparing the living room for Christmas can be a lot of fun. Often the Christmas tree is the main feature of the living room at Christmas time. This needs to be located where it has impact, but is also practical for the present opening on the main day. When considering your options, is it worth thinking about the furniture options you have currently? Is the seating requirement adequate for any entertaining you will be doing? Is it looking tired and not quite as smart and comfortable as it once was? Christmas is often a marked point when these additional thoughts are deliberated, and a great excuse to re-think your interior furniture.

Modular furniture is a growing trend in interiors at the moment, and this is a terrific idea for rooms that need several seating options, for different requirements. Bali and Mojo modular sofa ranges are two examples of great contemporary design from SLF24 that are adaptable to your needs. They can be ordered in matching fabrics, or for a unique look, why not order different contrasting shades. Alternatively, a large corner sofa is great for accommodating lots of people and can be a better option than a traditional 2 or 3 seater sofa option. Footstools are another great addition for occasional seating or can make fabulous little side tables, when a tray is added – perfect for Christmas nibbles and drinks.

Adding soft furnishings to your furniture can be a fun way to add colour and festive cheer for a relatively small monetary outlay. Traditional reds and greens can make a joyful impact in throws and cushions, and a plain upholstered sofa and chair works best to create the best backdrop for this look. For a glamourous and chic feel, then classic golds, rose golds and creams will add extra richness, whereas whites, greys and silvers work well in more minimalist interiors.

Dining Room Christmas Tips

When entertaining at Christmas, it is not just the Christmas table that needs to be planned. What about seating – is there enough? Are your dining chairs in need of an overhaul? At SLF24 we have a great selection of dining chairs, unique to us, that you won’t find in other stores. A comfortable upholstered dining chair could be just what you need, and what better reason to update your dining area than the festive period, for you, your family and friends to enjoy. 

Once the basics have been organised, then take a look at how you would like your dining room to be styled for Christmas. It’s not just the Christmas table that needs attention, but what about lighting, door decorations and whether you are looking to place a Christmas tree in this location.  

What’s trending in Christmas decoration styles

Whilst the last few Christmases have been challenging with the global pandemic, for most of us, thankfully we can look forward to a more ‘normal’ Christmas. Therefore, it is heart-warming to know that concentrating on all the small details and elements that make Christmas truly magical, has a much greater importance. The most significant criteria for this year is to make your home as warm and uplifting as possible, prioritising simple comforts and family traditions. Customers this year, more than ever, are appreciating human connections without restrictions, cherishing those closest to them. With this in mind, there has been a big uplift in nostalgic and traditional decorations. We detail below, the trends we are seeing emerge for the festive season ahead.


Quintessentially Christmas, so nostalgic colours such as reds, greens and golds always make an impact. Traditions are so called for a reason, because they are popular and successful. With many more homes sadly having less income this year than other years, going back to basics is a great option. Reds stand out as contrast on a traditional green tree, and gold accents add the luxury that Christmas evokes. Any monetary outlay in these colours and style are sure to be a great investment, as this will never go out of fashion. Just like our Chesterfield sofas, which are just as popular now, as when we first launched them many years ago. They have a reassuringly solidity and feature the traditional button back detailing that is so familiar. Traditional Christmas colours work well with lighter fabric bases or the darker toned upholstery.

1920’s Vintage Glamour

Feathers, beads, crystal and glass, this is perfect for the party season. This look can be as eclectic and wild as you want it to be. Colours tend to be more muted with soft pinks, creams, pale greens and classic metallics, such as golds, silver and rose golds. Our Kooper furniture range is a great fit for this look, as it evokes this period of glamour and opulence. The strong, but simple shape of the sofas and chairs contrast perfectly with the slim and elegant legs.


Traditional colours of reds and greens, but often with a fun twist. Gonks and gnomes have sprung up everywhere, inspired by the myths and legends of this ancient part of the world. Add them to your mantelpiece, stairs or by the Christmas tree - they are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, whether young or old. In recent years, the colours available have been expanded into more monochrome shades of white, black and silver. So, this can work really well if you prefer a more subtle Christmas look with a sofa such as our Lioni or Nimbus furniture ranges. The clean lines of these models with the simple shaped legs are a popular choice.


Our love of nature and wanting to connect to the outside world, is a great excuse to decorate your interior with rustic materials, foliage and wildlife inspired ornaments. The traditional poinsettia, and holly and ivy wreaths are always popular whether you completely immerse yourself into this nature inspired theme or not. The growing trend of door garlands are a fashionable way to weave this trend into your home, and are a must for posting on your socials. A very popular fabric that works very well in an interior with natural tones, is the Velluto in light beige or mink. It is available on many of our furniture models and is super soft too – perfect for cosy Christmas family movie time.


For big and bold colours why not try this theme. It’s luxe, glamorous and screams decadence and opulence. For this palette you are looking at golds, deep blues, rich greens, and bright pinks and reds, and the more colour clash the better. Faceted mirrored ornaments and reflective metallics will make this look shine and stand out. It is sure to cheer up any interior and make your space joyful and fun to be in. We have some great jewel colour options on our furniture too – the Flic sofa bed in dark red is a stunning example and is perfect for overnight guests.

Sustainable Christmas

For those on a budget or just purely concerned with reducing waste. Your home can be decorated with foliage from your garden, or an obliging neighbour, which can then be recycled in your garden waste, when finished with. You’re sure to find somewhere you can find holly, ivy and pine cones, which can be fashioned into garlands and wreaths, or arranged in vases and jugs around the home. Re-use decorations stored from previous years and upcycle if needed to revitalise them. Homemade decorations are always fun to make. For joyful Christmas bunting then why not re-use fabric from clothes and bedding that is no longer required. Old Christmas cards can be re-purposed for decorations and gift tags. Whilst our furniture isn’t fully sustainable it does have many eco credentials, such as the wood waste that is recycled into fuel for the factory. We also have models such as the Scarlett that have been upholstered in the Stelar fabric, that is made from recycled polyester fibres.

Whatever your plans and ideas are surrounding Christmas, we wish you the best of fun and merriment, and if SLF24 can be a small part of these plans, then we would be honoured to oblige.