What colour to choose for the living room? Check out our inspirations

What colour to choose for the living room? Check out our inspirations

It is said that choosing the wall colour is the most difficult task when decorating a flat or an apartment. When looking for the best solution, it is worth choosing the colour that will be the best match. How to do it? Check out some of our ideas.

Warm wall colours for a living room


Living room colours often become one of the most visible choices. They are not only the basis for the arrangement, but also a demonstration of our character or a favourite theme. When looking for the right shade, it is worth starting with the darkest one - coffee with milk, chocolate or aromatic cinnamon.

The warm wall colours for the living room from such a palette not only look beautiful, but are also a great contrast to the furniture. For a cinnamon or lavender-coloured living room, Linara grey sofa or dark blue Slender sofa would both become perfect contrasting features.

Other warm and fashionable wall colours include sunny shades that will brighten the interior and make it feel cosy. Darker tones from this group of colours, i.e. shades of orange and red, will make the living room a place for relaxation, and those hot, unconventional colours will also motivate and energise you.

Cream walls in the living room


Living room wall colours that bring to mind aromatic white coffee or creamy fondant filling are very versatile. Contrasted with a sharper colour, for example of the sofa upholstery fabric, will become one of the most original accents in the living room.

Light coloured walls include more tones than just cream or vanilla, but also Malaga ice cream or halva with a delicate touch of grey. A living room painted in this way is a great base for playing with colours. Malaga ice cream will go well with the dark yellow Lioni or bottle green Kooper sofa.

Cream walls in the living room will look perfect with a navy blue or black Flic or Coco sofas and armchairs. Such a set of colours will give the living room character, so it can become an interior arranged in an unconventional way.


Dark walls in the living room


Darker colours for the living room, although less popular among our customers, are an interesting idea as a base for room arrangement. Here you can choose a different way to go - soften dark shades with accents in light colours. For a living room with black or navy-blue walls, Opus Velvet sofa in dusty pink or blue Dillon Velvet armchairs would be perfect.

The living room wall colours based on dark green or red with darker or lighter accents can become a perfect contrast to the other walls in light colours and make the room optically larger. The Opus Velvet set in a lighter tone would also work well in such an interior.

Living room walls in dark tones would also be a feature that goes well with walls made of brick, stone or marble-imitation. In such living rooms, it is important to choose the right accessories and furniture. One of our recommendations for a living room with dark walls is a blue or dusty pink set of Content sofa with armchairs. Its velvet upholstery fabric and beautifully toned-down colours will be a great match for walls in intense red or deep navy blue.


Beige walls in the living room


When you don’t want to go crazy, it is worth choosing universal shades of beige. It is a colour that can be both a base and an accent in a dark interior. You could paint beige one wall or the entire living room - it all depends on whether you want the interior to be more versatile or unconventional.

If you choose the wall colour from a range of beige tones, remember that it doesn’t have to be completely pure. It could have an added touch of steel, blue or dusty pink tone. Such a combination will look brilliant in a Scandinavian or universal room. When looking for the perfect shade of beige, it is worth getting some inspiration from your living room furniture. If you choose beige with a touch of another colour, choose a sofa or armchairs in the same colour, e.g. for a living room with beige-steel walls, Majestic sofa would be perfect. Nimbus sofa in a contrasting colour, for example bottle green, will fit well in a living room with one beige wall.


Pastel walls in the living room 


Pastel range of colours is a good idea for a small living room. They will not feel overwhelming and will make the interior cosy. There are many possibilities to play with pastel colours - you can go towards monochrome combinations or contrast them with intense colours.

One of the furniture pieces that is a perfect match for pastels is mustard yellow Ludo corner sofa or a dark blue Nimbus. Although the living room colour scheme can often become problematic, the right colours of furniture and accessories can always help.


Interior colours - inspirations

When you choose the colours for your living room, it’s a good idea to get inspired by trends and the so-called home books. While the interiors in the photos look perfect and it can be difficult to match the paint colour to your living room so that it looks the same, it's worth a try. When looking for this perfect match of wall colours for your living room, it is good to try and find your own style. Do you love boho? Fantastic!

Intense colours will be perfect for a living room in a style that includes urban jungle elements - vivid shades of green as well as browns and yellows from the earth colour palette. Do you like glimmer and luxury? Cool! Choose wall colours full of elegance, such as universal beige or bold purple.

The wall colours for the living room in retro style will be perfect for the brave ones - they are perfect for experimenting with interior design! One wall in turquoise and the other in a universal, delicate beige? An olive-green sofa and black walls? Why not!

There is a lot of inspiration when looking for the answer to the question: “What colour should I paint my living room in?" - Scandinavia, retro, soft glam, urban jungle. What living room wall colour you choose depends only on you!


How to paint your living room fashionably? 

Choosing the right wall colours for your living room can be quite a challenge. A lot depends on the style, but even more on your space and preferences. In the soft glam style - full of splendour and bold accessories, intense but warm wall colours would look great. It is worth remembering that if you decide to go for contrasting colours, you should carefully think it through.

When looking for a paint for your living room, it is a good idea to browse through the catalogues. This will allow you to see which colours work best together. A mustard-coloured wall will suit universal beige. In a Scandinavian-style living room, monochrome blue in a steel shade or grey contrasted with bottle green or deep purple would look stunning.

Fashionable living room wall colours can also be less obvious, such as black and gold. They are perfect for glamour and modern interiors. In Hampton-style interiors it gets more interesting, because here colours that bring water to mind dominate - sea blues, toned down shades of steel sky. In the interiors inspired by Long Island, you will also find beiges and greys. It is also a chick combination of colours for the living room.


How to paint a large living room?

Painting a large living room can become challenging, as you need to buy the right amount of paint and plan your work. A large living room can be painted in two colours or as a monochrome. When painting a large living room, it is worth remembering to choose the colours that match both the furniture and other accessories. The idea which colours to choose for walls in a large living room always depends on the chosen style and preferences.